Payment Information

Once you have decided on a date and confirmed with us that this is available then we can make a tentative booking with you to hold the booking, for your River cruise. We would then require a deposit of (generally $1,500) to confirm the booking which is payable within 3 days of making the booking. This is the start of your houseboat holiday!

We strongly suggest that you get a financial contribution from everyone in the group which not only makes it easier for you to plan the booking but also tends to ensure that they will be less likely to change their mind down the track. If someone in your group hasn't paid a deposit and backs out it puts more pressure on the rest of the group travelling and it's best to cover all aspects. This way you know who definitely wants to join you on the trip.

As mentioned previously, you'll be required to pay a deposit within 3 days of making a booking and your final balance is due no later than 10 days prior to your trip. To ensure the final payment can be paid on time, it is best to give your group plenty of notice as to when the payment is due and how much money you need to collect from each person. The final balance needs to be paid as one amount so it is up to the hirer to collect the monies and forward payment to us.

We accept cheques, money orders, and direct deposits so please contact our office for further details.


Providing that at least 30 days notice of cancellation is received by us (or 60 days in the case of school and public holiday periods), the deposit and bond are refundable less a cancellation fee ($150).

Otherwise, any refund will depend on the houseboat being re-let for the full period and at the full rate of hire.

Catering information

Don’t want to rush around organising the food for your Riverland houseboat holiday? Get into the holiday mood early! Let us organise all your food requirements. From mini-roasts to mini-toasts, all we need is a little bit of time. We can deliver your food to your houseboat prior to your arrival, conveniently packed away for your hassle free houseboat holiday. All from quality assured suppliers. We will cater for you as if we are catering for ourselves, with quality items only ... to suit any budget.

Security Bond

On arrival, you may be required to lodge a security bond of NZ$1500.00 for the houseboat.


We will hold a booking for 7 days without a booking deposit. To ensure the booking is firm, you must pay a deposit of NZ$600.00.

Balance of Rental

Payment must be made 10 days prior to departure.


Terms and Conditions

The Owner their Agent or Representative herein after called “The Owner” agrees to hire the houseboat described to the Hirer for the period stated upon the following conditions:

1. The Owner/Manager will hold the security bond upon trust for the Hirer and will repay the same to the Hirer within the time stated overleaf subject to deductions for amounts payable by the Hirer pursuant to this agreement including;

additional fees for late return to the mooring at end of hire period if applicable

(a) the cost of additional cleaning (if required)
(b) the cost of repair or replacement of items damaged or lost during the period of hire
(c) any other amounts for which the Hirer is liable which amounts are not limited to the amount of the security bond including damages to other persons property.

2. The Owner will provide instruction to the Hirer/Operator in respect of:

(a) the operation of the houseboat and it’s accessories including emergency equipment
(b) the Waikato River Navigation Regulations
(c) other relevant navigation, rules, regulations or by laws.

3. (a) The Hirer personally accepts full responsibility for the care and safety for the houseboat including all fixtures fittings and accessories and also accepts full responsibility for the actions of all persons permitted on board during the period of hire and in particular the Hirer will comply with all directions given by the Owner with regard to the operation of the houseboat and it’s accessories and will comply with the Waikato River Navigation Regulations and all other navigation rules, regulations or by-laws.

(b) The Hirer is liable for the cost of the repair of any damage sustained to the houseboat or it’s fixtures, fittings or accessories during the period of hire. Any damage must be reported to the owner as soon as possible via mobile phone. Damaged items may be repaired or replaced at the option of the Owner.

(c) Any items noted to be damaged prior to the beginning of the hire period should be brought to the attention of the Owner at the time of the pre-hire inspection.

(d) The Hirer is liable for the replacement cost of any items missing from the houseboat inventory at the end of the hire period.

(e) If the houseboat is not collected at the time and on the date stated or is not returned to the mooring at the end of the hire period at the time and dated stated the Hirer is liable for an additional fee at the rate stated overleaf.

(f) The Hirer will pay the cost of all fuels used from the hire period until the houseboat is returned to the Owner.

(g) The Hirer I liable for any loss damage or injury to any person or to any property which may result from anything done by the Hirer or any person on board the houseboat.

(h) The amount payable by the Hirer pursuant to the provisions of this clause is not limited by the amount of the security bond. The Owner may retain the security bond until the amount for which the Hirer is liable has been determined.

(4) The Hirer shall not;
 (a) permit more persons to be on board the houseboat than that stated overleaf
 (b) permit any person to operate the houseboat who;

(1) is under the age of eighteen years

(11) does not possess and produce for notation by the Owner a current full vehicle drivers licence or boat operators licence;

(111) is under the influence of alcohol or any drug or drugs

(1V) has not been given instructions in respect of relevant navigation rules and regulations

(c) drive navigate sail or move the houseboat after sunset or before sunrise or permit anyone else to do so
(d) take or permit to be taken the houseboat to a location on the river not approved by the owner,
(e) take or permit to be taken the houseboat out of the main course of the river or off the GPS track,
(f) tow or permit an occupied craft to be towed,
(g) adjust or interfere with or permit any other person to adjust or interfere with the operation of the motor, gas regulators or any fixtures or fittings,
(h) do or cause or permit to be done anything on or to the houseboat or any of it’s fixtures, fittings or accessories which may result in loss damage or injury to any person or property,

(i) permit any person for any reason whatsoever to be on the roof section of the upper deck;
(j) permit to be brought on the houseboat any of the following, namely
(i) a trail or motor bike,(ii) firearms or offensive weapons of any type,
(iii) axes or saws of any type,

(iv) any electrical or gas appliances or any pets, animals, reptiles or birds unless with the written consent of the Owner which shall be endorsed on this Agreement,

(v) any dangerous ,noxious, corrosive, toxic or poisonous substances including in particular petrol or diesel fuel or other inflammable liquids,

(k) use or permit to be used the emergency equipment except in case of emergency and any such use shall be reported to the Owner

as soon as possible via Mobile Phone

(5) If the Hirer shall breach any of the terms of conditions of this agreement the Owner may terminate the hire period without prejudice to

the Owner’s other rights and remedies under this agreement.

(6) The Owner will endeavour to have the houseboat motor and all fixtures, fittings and accessories in good working order provided that the Hirer shall not be entitled to any compensation in respect of any loss or damage sustained as a result of unforeseen mechanical breakdown or equipment failure during the hire period or as a result of any restriction to the use of the houseboat during the hire period resulting from river or weather conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

(7) If due to unforeseen circumstances the houseboat is not available at the nominated mooring point at the beginning of the hire period and/or can not be returned to the nominated mooring point at the end of the hire period the Owner reserves the right to nominate an alternative mooring point.

(8) The Hirer acknowledges having carefully read this agreement and that he/she may be required to sign an inventory.

NOTE: Hire Rates are subject to change without notice.